Octagon Bespoke

Octagon Bespoke is the ultimate service for planning, designing and building your own new home.

               Whether you want to enhance your current home or start from scratch creating your own Octagon dream home, you will receive the same attention and dedicated service. We have established excellent working relationships with some of the finest craftsmen and installation specialists in the UK, from stone masons and award winning bricklayers to cabinet makers and audio technicians, so you are assured of getting the very best in skilled workmanship for your project.

“I can only say nice things about the Octagon team – they’re incredibly
professional, and met the price we agreed at the start of the project,
so we didn’t have to worry about costs creeping up.” – Octagon Bespoke Client


You will already have had many thoughts on what you want with your new house; to suit your lifestyle, to entertain, or to be a family home. All these are very personal decisions and are what will make your house special. By approaching Octagon Bespoke, you will have already made the decision that you only want the very best from the UK’s leading luxury developer.

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Octagon is renowned for the fine external detailing it introduces to each and every property it creates, and will ensure that these expertise are reflected in the design and appearance of the new home you choose. Doors, windows, architraves and cornicing are just some of the many decorative features that will distinguish and personalise your new home.

In a fully featured video, Octagon Bespoke Director John Pope explains the Octagon Process and service with stunning visual shots of interiors, exteriors and all the exciting elements and extras that make up an Octagon home – built for you to your own specification.

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Octagon Bespoke is please to announce the publication of its latest showcase brochure. This 20-page edition is available to download as a PDF or view using Flipbook. If you are looking to begin your own bespoke house building project then please contact us for a printed version and to discuss your plans.

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John Pope, Director
Octagon Bespoke
Weir House
Hurst Road, East Molesey
Surrey, KT8 9AY
020 8481 7500

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